I'm On Day 11: To Dream The Impossible Dream

I'm on Day 11 of the 21-day Clear Mind, Clean Closet Challenge! #SS21DAYCHALLENGE

What if it is all possible? Even the thing I think isn't possible?

I have a thing for Don Quixote. I fell in love with the play Man of La Mancha when my parents took me to see it as a child. Raúl Juliá was Don Quixote in every way possible on that stage, and I was obsessed instantly with everything La Mancha from that day on, including the soundtrack. 



I listened to that cassette tape (yep, cassette tape) over and over and over again. Side A and side B, on repeat, for days. I had a way of deep diving into something I love until I get sick of it and am on to the next thing.

But I never really moved on from Don Quixote, as evidenced by the fact that I still love the song and continue to ask (beg) my older brother to give me a painting he made (he plays consultant by day but he is a truly gifted artist that very few people ever get to see in action) every time he asks me what I want for my birthday or Christmas.

Instead, I get an Ipad or Apple something. Hey, I'll take it. But I'll always covet that painting.

And that song, The Impossible Dream, still gives me chills today. I'll always covet that too.

Yes, Don Quixote was written as a dreamer in the most absurd of ways, windmills and all, but there is something about that story that keeps me enthralled, even decades later. 

I love that he kept dreaming. Sure, the dreams were seen from the outside as a little nutty, fine, I get it.

But he went for it. He went all-in with everything he had and that, I have always loved about the Man of La Mancha. 

Some see it as delusional. I see it as passionate.

That type of passion and commitment, whether others see it as misdirected and futile or not, to me is inspiring. 

  • The light bulb
  • The car
  • The airplane
  • The laptop I'm typing on
  • Electricity in general
  • List goes on...

I'll venture to say that these were impossible dreams too. Most of the great achievements out there started as 'impossible dreams.' 



If we don't dream, what's the point? I would be living a beige life in a beige cubicle eating beige food if it weren't for my dreams. I did do that, minus the beige food (unless we're talking bread) for quite some time and although it sucked (sorry, it's a childish word but it fits), I always had my dreams to go back to. I still do. 

I think my dreams are a culmination of what I have witnessed others accomplish. I'm riding on the wave that started somewhere else in the mind of someone else. I get to ride on that wave and then see if I can move in a new direction. 

It takes seeing what has been made possible, to dream about doing something that seems impossible. To go after the impossible dream takes guts. Some people call it faith. For me though, in my mind, going after a dream when no one can see what you're seeing takes guts. There's no room for excuses. They don't apply and that can be both scary and unbelievably amazing. 



Sometimes, these big 'impossible' dreams lead to learning a lesson. It isn't the sexiest thing in the world, but a valuable one nonetheless. Sometimes, these big, gigantic dreams lead to inspiring someone else that will carry the torch for you in ways you could have never imagined.

Full circle, and then some.

Soooooo...what's your impossible dream?

Until Day 11, BWIT. Kisses.