Day 10: I Fell Off The Writing Wagon But Here's What Went Right...

Whoopsie. I missed Day 10. 

My bad.

Here's the thing, I could make myself feel awful about missing a day of writing on the 21 Day Clear Mind, Clean Closet challenge or...I could get over it and get back into the game.

I chose option B as you can see.

Today's food for thought:

Looking at what is going wrong or what went wrong is easy. It's practically automatic. Looking at what went right on the other hand, that, in my opinion, is a trained mental skill. One I'm still working on mastering myself.

What if the thought about what went wrong could be the cue to think about what we right? It would be pretty amazing if we could cancel out the negative with the positive, but I don't think that's a. possible or b. a healthy approach. 

But I do wonder about what would happen if, every time something 'bad' happened, I used that moment as an opportunity to think of something good that also happened. 

Sometimes bad can be relative. What we think is bad could actually be a good thing right?

But then again...loss (something bad) could mean you are opening yourself up for gain (something good).

Saying goodbye to one thing (something bad or sad) could mean you're saying hello to something new in your life (potentially something good). 

But in all honesty, when I'm in the midst of what I am perceiving to be a not-so-cute situation, the one thing that doesn't help is thinking about what just happened (the past) and/or what that means from here on out (the future).

This whole being present thing is throwing me for a loop. Well, my natural habitual ways of thinking that is, are being thrown for a loop. 

Could it be as simple as knowing what you want, letting that go, and staying right here right now?



That would mean I would have to actually enjoy writing this, right now, as opposed to thinking about what I need to do in the next ten minutes or how annoyed I was about that thing that happened a day ago. Ugh, that would mean I would have to just be.

So weird.

To sit back, focus on what I'm doing now, find what's working for me in this moment, and to just be ok with knowing that focusing on whether or not everything will be ok doesn't have anything to do with whether or not everything is going to be ok.




In the midst of a closet clean out, it's so easy to look at what you're getting rid of and what you think that means for the future of your wardrobe and everyday life.

It's freaky and overwhelming. But is it? Is it freaky and overwhelming to think about the new space you are creating instead of focusing on the fictional future you are putting together in your mind based on your personally warped view of your past?

No actually. It isn't freaky. 



If you are holding a hanger and thinking about whether or not that items serves you at this point in your life, you're not preoccupied with the stories it holds of your past and you're certainly not focusing on what you will ever do without it in your future.

You're also definitely not thinking about how guilty you feel that you spent all of that money (past) and you may actually wear it now that you've found it under a major pile (which will not happen if you haven't worn it once in the past year...promise).

There's no room for those nonsense thoughts because you are in it to win it with that hanger. You are asking a couple of key questions and getting honest (maybe with the help of a good friend) with yourself about whether you want to keep that item or let it go.

Does it serve you to hold onto that top you got on sale an never wore? Isn't it just taking up space and stressing you out?

Does it serve you to hold onto the drama that went down yesterday? Isn't it just taking up mental space and energy, and stressing you out?

What is working for you right now? What are you keeping and letting go of right now?

What is making you smile right now? What can you enjoy about the present moment, large or small? 

I'm enjoying writing this.

Your turn...

Day 10, did it, done.

Until next time, "Byeeeeeee!"