Day 8 Of The Closet-Mind Challenge: This is Why Everyday Feels Like Groundhog Day

I'm on Day 8 of my 21-Day Clear Mind/Clean Closet challenge and kicking it off with this little diddy:

Did you ever see the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray?

If not, you need to. Half the country is snowed in right now anyway. Perfect timing for a movie marathon. Moving along...

I bring up Groundhog Day because in the film, Murray keeps waking up to relive the same day over and over and over again. 

Recently (Day 7) I spoke about being on autopilot. In a way, we're all guilty of doing a daily repeat performance and getting comfortable with our routines. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm a full-on creature of habit internally but you'd never guess that if you looked at how many times I've submitted change of address forms to the United States Postal Service in the last decade. Still, I love a routine as much as the next girl...until I don't.

I like knowing I can go to the same coffee place and see the same people. There's comfort in knowing what to expect, especially if you're a control freak. But just because you expect something doesn't mean it's going to happen. Hence, suffering (or so Buddhism states, but that's sort of another post all together).


We can control how we react to life. That's pretty much it. And sometimes, it takes going through something over and over again to learn how to respond in a way that helps you rather than hurts you.

If you totally clean out and declutter your closet one weekend and find yourself in a hot mess of a wardrobe only weeks later, you are giving yourself another opportunity to learn your lesson that you really may want to hang up your clothing as soon as you take it off, or you need to keep letting go of one item every time you bring something new into the mix.

I'm trying to narrow down a personal take on this. I think the quote makes it sound like the world or universe throws us lessons over and over again until we figure our sh*t out, for lack of a better phrase. But I'm not so sure that is my take anymore. I think, although we can't control what will happen in the next 24 hours, we can control our thoughts and whatever we chose to put out there, will come back to us.

When I find myself in a situation that usually, I'm not a huge fan of because it's back yet again, I ask myself, "WTF? How did I get here again?"

It's actually a really important question.

Personally, when I find myself back where I didn't want to be and yet can't seem to get away from, first I have a mini, well, this:


And then, once I gain a little composure, I ask that question.

How did I get back here? Again? Really? Ugh...

It usually all results from one thing and that is, not listening to my gut instinct.

The lessons I've learned most recently are, when you know it's time to go, go. And the other biggie is, when you don't really want to say 'yes' to something, don't say 'yes' to something. It's ok to pass, FOMO (fear of missing out) be damned. 

If I don't leave when I first start getting that internal nudge to do so, I find that the situation just keeps getting worse, and the more I try to give it the benefit of the doubt, whether it's a job or a relationship, it just goes even further downhill. Odd fights happen, weird political moves go on when I'm on vacation, and so on.

It's almost like I need to be hit over the head to get the picture that my gut was on to something initially.



So...what situation keeps repeating itself in your life?

Think about really. It's cool, I'll wait:



Got it? Perfect. Dig in a bit and try to examine why you think it keeps happening. I'm talking 10 minutes. It could even be a conversation topic over coffee with your best friend. See what happens...

A for the rest of you that don't want to think or just got distracted, no problem. Deep dive or don't, the choice is yours and whatever you choose will be right for you. 

Ok, I've got to run. It's acai bowl time. So San Francisco, I know. Or maybe that's more SoCal? #stilllearning

Day 8, done. 

BWIT, out. See you tomorrow...