I Can Guarantee These Just Got Marked Down. I Cannot Guarantee That They Will Be Available Tomorrow.

The Sale Scoop is something I'm trying out on The StyleShaker following an impromptu shopping trip last week in Florida with a few ladies.

 Found ON SALE today at www.barneys.com 

Found ON SALE today at www.barneys.com 

So many of us buy on an as-needed basis. Last minute shopping is inevitable.

All of a sudden you have that dinner to go to and you need a dress. The cruise crept up on you and you need shoes to wear that aren't flat but aren't too high. You don't need them in a week, you need them now.

Thing is, you don't want to pay retail and you don't have the time to dig.

Sound familiar?

This is where I come in, or really, this is where my Sale Scoop comes to the rescue.

There are waaaaay over 10,000 new products that just got marked down, today. Instead of sending you a list of all of them, making you go to a website and dig around to find what you need, or sending out an email that tells you about specific sales from specific stores that paid for the exposure, I'm giving you a quick hand-picked list of my best of the best from today's sales. 

I can guarantee they were marked down today. I cannot guarantee they will still be here tomorrow.

Here is today's scoop:



If you need some last minute personal shopping help, email scouts@thestyleshaker.com and include the item/size/budget/or specific product, you are looking for. Boom. Done. We will scout it out.