Day 6 Of the Closet Challenge: I Did Not See This Epiphany Coming & Yet, Here It Is. No Doubt.

Day 6 is here, I am in full Miracle Morning swing (well I'm on day 2) and it's time to sit down and write a bit...

Today's inspiration:


First up, I had a hard time sitting down and writing again today.

Not because I didn't want to write, today it was different. Today the doubt creeped in. 

  • Why am I even doing this?
  • Why am I spending time on this writing stuff in the morning?
  • Is anyone going to read it or get anything from it?
  • Am I really putting the truth out and being honest with myself?
  • Am I just pretending to be a writer?

This is the stuff of killed dreams and I know it.

I know it because I've used these storylines before. It's a pattern that, until now has been left unchecked (or it's really just me living unconsciously).

I'd like to think that, if I keep going with clear eyes and a full heart that I can't lose (yes, that is a Friday Night Lights reference; I'm obsessed still), but I don't know.



I should have said this way in advance, like, Day 1 in-advance, but honestly it is JUST now hitting me so here you go:

The 21-day challenge isn't about what's at the end of the rainbow. 

It is about getting up and doing something small every day.  Um, yea, that.

The pot of gold is right here.

So to answer my own questions (yes, I am about to have a written conversation with myself; it's happening) now that I am in the midst of my latest full-blown epiphany which, for the reader may be completely obvious, but for me is pretty new and cool:

  • Why am I even doing this?

Um, you set an intention. It's right here. Check it out. Also, you're doing this because you want to and when you're in the flow of writing is when you are in the zone. The zone when time passes without you knowing it and you forget to actually eat because you're enjoying yourself so much. That zone. 

  • Why am I spending time on this writing stuff in the morning?

Because, the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, and fulfilling a commitment of daily writing based on your wholehearted intentions at the start of the day is a small accomplishment that puts you in a really good mood. 

  • Is anyone going to read it or get anything from it?

Who cares? Are you getting anything from it? Cool, then carry on.

  • Am I really putting the truth out and being honest with myself?

Um yea. Two reasons: 1. by asking that question you are making sure you're holding yourself accountable and 2. you're a little scared/uncomfortable with every post you put up and that means, it's real and it is vulnerable.

  • Am I just pretending to be a writer?

No. You, are a writer. Technically you're writing right now. You writer, you.


This isn't a 6 Week Abs kind of challenge with before and after pictures. We have Jillian Michaels for that. There is no promise of tangible weight loss, or really tangible anything at the end of the 21-day road. Why?

Because it isn't about the end of the road. It is about the act of doing something small and being present for it as you do it.

Gahhhh. I know.

Sure, it starts with intentions and goals. A little direction never hurts. You don't just go into your closet to pull out a few hangers and go back to watching reality tv. You need to know what you'd like to accomplish and more importantly, why you're doing it.

But from there I think there's a level of trust that has to go into the process. That trust allows you to let go of the initial goal so you can focus on each moment, each hanger if you will.

That trust bolsters the small steps you will take even when doubt sneaks in or you lose sight of where you are going. And those small steps make up the difference between who you are now and who you want to be, or even better, who you never knew you could be. 

In closet terms:

When you set the intention behind the closet cleanout and then stay present, going hanger by hanger, two things happen:

You stop focusing obsessively on the outcome and you make better decisions on what to let go of. 

The same goes for this writing challenge. I set my intention, I know why I am doing what I am doing (this is a motivator, not a guarantee), and then I let go of the outcome. 

How do I let go? I let go of the outcome by holding on to the present moment. I can't focus on both at once. I'm not into multi-tasking that part.

That way, it doesn't feel like a loss, it feels like a transition into something new, unknown, and potentially very uncomfortable. 

That is where doubt comes in, like it did for me today. That is also the precursor for a little growth.

Worth it.

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Day 6, done.

Until next time...