Day 5 of The Closet Challenge: The Buddha Wants You to Treat Yo'Self. Consider This a Sign...

I'm kicking off Day 5 of my 21-day Clear Mind/Clean Closet Challenge (#SS21DAYCHALLENGE) with the following food for thought:

So....when I look on the interweb, I see a couple of people, two as a matter of fact, being credited with the above quote.

First up, there's Buddha. Love that guy.

Second up, someone named Jack Kornfield. Don't know that guy so I click and discover he is someone that teaches Buddhism and is kind of a big deal.

All of that to say, I'm going to go with Buddha as the original source, but decided to go down the Google rabbit hole with Jack Kornfield. Here is how it all went down:

1. First of all, let me rewind here for a second. There's a reason for this: I wasn't even going to look this quote up because I was almost 100% positive that it was from Buddha, but then I thought, meh, I should be thorough, integrity and all of that good stuff, so I searched the quote in Google with brings us to now...

2. So, I see Buddha and this Jack Kornfield person pop up in the results. Since I don't know him off the bat, I clicked through to discover what he does which I already mentioned. And then I see his bio where it states he is a co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin, California. Boom. There it is. Why such a big boom? Check out #3:

3. About three days ago I was sitting in the living room with my father and one of his closest friends, listening to them talk. It is one of the most entertaining thing I swear to you. Two childhood friends from New York sitting and talking about everything from unpasteurized eggs to Jeeps to the insane stock market and finally, the 50 year reunion coming up. 

I was lying low in the background, on my laptop, when my father's friend asks me how California is. He then reminds me again (this happens every time I see him and I'm thankful for it) that, since I'm in California, I should go to this place called Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Now, I have heard him say this at least a dozen times and have done nothing about it outside of nod and smile. But for some reason, three days ago when he brought it up, I decided to finally listen. I look it up online and Google maps shows that it is a 47 minute drive from my apartment. There are no excuses at this point. And then I forgot about it again, until just now...

4. I'm back in San Francisco, busy with everything going on, not even thinking about Spirit Rock (this is how it has been for the past five years), and what do I see following some random Google search today? Yep, Spirit Freaking Rock. 

Hence the 'boom.' Followed by something that looked like this:



I believe in signs. I think we all have paths we're going down but I also believe we have the ability to change course so it's a 50/50, it is partially up to us and partially up to something way bigger than us, perspective. The thing is, a sign is just a sign. If we can't see it, we can't do anything about it. Luckily for me, something out there understands my need to be practically hit over the head with a sign until I get it. Figuratively speaking of course.

So there's this Spirit Rock name that keeps coming up. I know something is happening here, but how can I go to Spirit Rock right now? How can I take time off when there's so much to be done? I'm under the assumption that if I take a break now, if I give back to myself, it will hurt my progress. What I am starting to realize is that it may do the exact opposite. It may help me.

Letting go and taking a break when you feel intense pressure to do something or be somewhere in your life seems not only counterintuitive, but also kind of ridiculous. 

But then again, my way of doing whatever I'm doing to get to wherever I'm going may not be the only way, or even the best way. Much to the dismay of my ego  mind you.

Getting out of my own way means letting my ego have a hissy fit on the naughty mat for a bit. 

Maybe I should just book it.



I think today's quote is something we can all get something from. 

If you're the person that always makes time for others but never for yourself (moms, listen up) then this quote should hit home, and if you're taking the challenge with me, you will have plenty to write about. 

Writing is all fine and good, but action is important as well.

Speaking of that, I have one teeny, tiny suggestion for you on my Day 5 (don't you love how I just turned it around on you?): show yourself a little compassion today. 

But first, a quick 101 on how others define compassion and what I mean by showing yourself compassion:

Compassion is defined as- "a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering." source:

Why wait for misfortune or suffering though, right? I'm a fan of preventative medicine...

Showing compassion, as I see it, isn't based on alleviating suffering as much as it is based on giving back to yourself in some way, large or small.

I'm taking today's quote and changing it up a bit. I'm substituting the word 'kindness' for the word 'compassion' because I can.

It is about a small act of kindness directed towards you first.

That said, I'm going to steer you away from something consumption based on this one. For instance, at first glance, a quick way to show myself some kindness involves salted caramel gelato and a glass of wine. I'll go for it once in a blue moon, but this isn't about indulgence, this is about giving yourself something less tangible. Let's go with the gift of time and being present. 

I'm reading this new book called The Miracle Morning and my first small act of kindness towards myself was to just get out and take 15 minutes to get fresh air. I usually never give myself the extra time in the morning to do this, but today I did. I listened to some music, tuned into a Smart Passive Income podcast, picked up a cup of coffee from my favorite spot on Fillmore, and came back in to sit at my desk feeling pretty good thank you very much. Or really, thank me very much.

So today, I encourage you to show yourself some compassion in the form of kindness. It's a Treat Yo'Self moment that revolves less around pampering and has more to do with taking a small break.



Find 10 minutes (you can do this if you really want to) and do something just for you, whether it's reading a book, listening to music, going for a walk in the fresh air, getting some sun on your face, you fill in the blank. You know you better than I do.


Me? I'm going to go sign up for something at Spirit Rock. I'm going to:

found on:

found on:

Day 5, good stuff. Done.

BWIT, out.