Why I'm Taking My Own 21-Day Closet Challenge (again): Day 1, Setting The Intention & The Google Maps Method

The signups for the 21-Day Clear Mind Clean Closet Challenge (#SS21DAYCHALLENGE) are on fuego right now so I thought, why not take this closet/life organization challenge again and see how it goes?

I'm about to move (again; it is becoming an annual thing) which makes it the perfect time to get a little perspective on what I want to hold on to and what I may want to let go of in my wardrobe and in my life possibly.

The 21-Day challenge starts simply enough with a little intention setting. It can seem like a 'woo-woo' concept for some, but it fuels the goal you're trying to achieve like nothing else. The intention is something you can always come back to, a safe place to land, when life happens and you fall off the wagon so to speak.

Remember why you started in the first place and 9 times out of 10, if the intention was aligned with something you really want, and not something you think you should want, you will get your second, or third, or fourth wind. So much wind.

Setting an intention is basically like using the Google Maps app. You look at where you are now and then where you want to go:

You plug in your starting point. Then you enter your destination. Click 'start' and let it go. Let it take you where you want to go.

The genius part here is, midway through, say you are on a route that just isn't working for you or you realized that's not the destination you want to go to, you can readjust and set a new course. Easy.

The path to get there may change, but the intention remains the same. That intention, setting up your map, allows you to gain a sense of awareness so you're not driving with zero direction. There's a time and a place for unplanned trips and/or grocery store outings sans food item checklists (gasp), I get it, but now is not that time. 

So, like i said earlier, I'm taking my own 21-Day challenge, publicly, which is super fun and not daunting at all (that was sarcasm by the way).

It changed my life a few years ago in ways I never saw coming. I was hungry for change back then, but didn't know how to accomplish it.

Right now I'm not as hungry for change, as much as I am being thrown into it.


Some major events have gone down in the past couple of weeks that I may write about, or I may not, I haven't decided yet. I flew from San Francisco to Florida to see my parents for the holidays on 12/24. I will be returning home on Monday, 1/18 (it was an extended trip). The life I was leading in San Francisco before I went on this trip is going to be totally different from the life I will be leading when I hit the ground Monday. It's a good thing, it's just a lot.

I firmly believe that things happen for us, not to us. It doesn't always feel that way, but I believe it. 

My intention for the challenge: Since I have no clue what my 'new normal' will be (even thought I'm actually really excited about it), I really want to be present for the ride this time. 



FYI: I just walked away and sipped coffee for about 30 minutes to come up with this so I highly recommend taking a little time to do this first part so you get really clear. You will know it when you feel it. It's like hitting the sweet spot when playing tennis. You can just feel it.

Ok, now I know exactly what I want. The last time I did this I was handing all of my emotion over to the page in hopes that it would help me leave a situation I knew was slowly killing me (again, I recognize my penchant for drama here, but for those of you dreading going into work every day, you know I am not far off). It did.

This time around, I am exactly where I want to be (San Francisco) with the capability to do exactly what I have been dreaming of doing (write and inspire others). I have all the tools. I got a little lazy and the world just gave me a swift kick to the butt to get me back in the game. Got it. Heard you loud and clear.


But now I want the belief to back it up. Not just confidence when giving an elevator pitch. I'm not talking about acting like it until I believe it. I'm talking about the true authentic belief that comes from knowing in my core that I can do what I really want to do by taking small, simple steps every day in pure faith and not fear.

My goal is to process what has recently happened in my life. 

My intention is to believe (to know) that I really will achieve my big dream. That what I want is possible.

So what do I want?

It's a two-part dream by the way:

1. Bestselling author (financial independence)

2. Talk to Oprah on Super Soul Sunday (who doesn't want to have a chat over chai with that woman right?)

Wait, I take that back, it's a 3-part dream:

3. That was focused on what I want to get. There has to be something about what I want to give in this dream (this part from Napoleon Hill's Think And Grow Rich always stuck with me):

While I process through my own (um, I'll keep it PG) stuff, I want to inspire others, even just one person, to take one step towards pursuing their own dream.

Inspiration could come from me through my book, a post, or ideally through creating a team of my own; a workplace that people want to be a part of. I'd like to create the job environment I wish I had available to me when I started out. That would be a crowning achievement for me. It would be BIG...HUGE in fact. 

Overall though, part 3 is about inspiring others in some small or large way. Dreams 1 and 2 don't work without it. 


I do not know how this will happen and I do not know when this will happen.

I will leave that to the writing and see where it takes me. I do know I've professed these goals out loud to close friends of mine and the immediate response was a giggle. A supportive giggle, but a giggle nonetheless. That is how I know I'm on to something.

If someone doesn't laugh at the sheer outlandishness of a your big dream then it's not big enough. 

So many people write books from the other side of achieving success. Not many people like to talk about the hard part. I've actually never read a book that goes through that sticky, messy part in real-time, so this should get interesting.

I am writing these posts while I'm in the thick of it.

You will see me rise, falter, and get back up because that's what I do. It won't just be a guide that talks about the '7 Steps to Financial Independence,' or, 'How To Make Money Blogging,' that starts with a long introduction focused on how the author 'made it' and how you can too! Blah, blah, blah.

You are going through the imperfect, somewhat sloppy, 100% unreliable middle with me. 

I can't guarantee anything here (the outcome in particular; Does she achieve her dreams? Does she give up and go shopping instead? Who knows) except that I will be authentic and real with you, as I always have been. 

If you're down to get real yourself and create some actual change in your life, take this challenge with me. 

found on: www.luuvlist.tumblr.com

found on: www.luuvlist.tumblr.com

Or, just watch as I go along.

*Comments will only be posted from those in the game however. Anyone talking from the cheap seats will not get featured on here. Just sayin.



I believe that what is inside your closet is a direct reflection of what goes on inside your mind. Eeeek! Yep.

You won't get the closet you want without acknowledging why you have what you currently have in the first place (a full closet with nothing to wear; tags on more than a handful of items in there; pieces you can't seem to let go of but aren't sure why you keep; items you keep telling yourself you will one day be good enough/thin enough to wear; the list goes on...).

Change your mind and you will change your closet, let alone your life.

The StyleShaker approach to closet organization starts with your head first and then moves to what's on the hanger

And with that I will say, Day 1, done. 

BWIT, Out. See you tomorrow...

*One more note for the grammatically correct people out there. I pay an editor to edit my books. When I get onto Oprah, I'll start extending that role to my posts. Until then, I am writing to you like I would write to my best friend. Grammar slip-ups may happen. This is real and as such, not perfect so I suggest that you embrace it for now...