Featured on POPSUGAR!! That Time I Let the World See Inside My Closet...

About a month ago I pitched an article, "The 3 Closet Commandments You Should Never Break" to Popsugar Fashion.

I sat down last weekend to start writing it and everything I wrote kept falling flat. I was in the final stages of publishing my kindle book, Closet Organization: The Crash Course, and thought now would be as good a time as any to practice what I preach. 

For years clients and friends have asked to see MY closet. Well, here it is.

I brought the book into my closet and in two hours, well, read the feature on Popsugar and you will see not only what's going on inside my San Francisco-based closet but also the one question I asked that helped me let go of over 100 items in my closet. Check it out:

source: popsugar.com

source: popsugar.com