One Headline, And One Minute Of My Life That I WIll Never Get Back #yaysocialmedia

So, I was online the other day and I come across this headline:

And I was all:

Buuuuuut then I clicked through and started reading about Marc Jacobs' dog, Neville (yep, Neville Jacobs)...

-which for some reason, wasn't enough to stop me so, I just kept scrolling. 

Less than a minute later I noticed I scrolled through the entire post and consequently, will never get that minute of my life back...

But the good news is, I learned the term 'It Dog' is a thing, and more importantly, that a King Charles puppy named "Toast" has more Instagram followers than I ever will.

Social Media-1, Brittany-0. Well played.

Now you kinda want to read it right? Sorry about that. Instead, try some of these: