The 21-Day Clear Mind, Clean Closet Challenge is Here!


Welcome to a new approach to Closet Organization that starts with the head, not the hanger...

Real change HAPPENs from the inside out.  

After overhauling the closets and transforming the wardrobes of hundreds of clients, I’m here to tell you that if you want real change in your life, addressing the clutter in your mind is just as important as addressing the clutter in your closet. 




Because it changed my life three years ago…

Three years ago I was at the top of my professional game working in Dallas at Neiman Marcus. I had a great apartment, disposable income, the car I always wanted, the closet I always wanted, and the list goes on.

Externally, things looked pretty damn good. I had what a lot of people wanted, or so they would tell me. The thing was, I didn’t want it. I did, however, know what I wanted to do; I just didn’t believe I could do it.

I was waiting for someone or something to swoop in and make it all better without having to put my neck on the line for my “impossible dream.” There were interviews and offers, but I walked away from all of them. After pushing in fear for so long, fear I would never have the guts to leave my life in Dallas and  pursue my dream, I hit complete burnout. It became painfully obvious that nothing I was doing was working. I raised my white flag in complete surrender, sat on my couch, cracked open a bottle of wine, and asked, “so now what?”

I’m not sure whom I was asking mind you. I’m also not sure what I was expecting to happen.

Nothing happened. No signs, no nothing.

After about fifteen minutes of just sitting there I got bored, walked over to my desk, opened my laptop, and started to write about nothing and everything all at once. An hour later I looked up and ten pages had been written. Hmmm…


The next day I stumbled upon Matt Cutt’s TED Talk “Try something new for 30 days” and it hit me.

I was going to try to write for thirty days and do nothing else. No fear-based strategizing on how I was going to get out of Dallas, no working on my business in desperation, none of that. For the next thirty days, my fight-or-flight lizard brain was going on forced vacation. 

There were two commandments I set at the beginning of my project:

1.     Thou shalt set one’s true intention: I wanted to set a very clear intention and goal at the start. It would have to be for me, and not for anyone else. So I did. My intention was to just finish and see. #noexpectations

2.     Thou shalt not filter: I would not write as if anyone else was going to read my words, including myself after the fact. This was solely for me. I wanted to pour the words in my heart and mind out onto a page, let them go, and then see what, if anything, could be uncovered with the space left over. #nofilter

These two commandments acted as my north star, keeping me on track when the fog rolled in throughout the process, and it got pretty foggy there for a bit.

In a little over a month, I completed the challenge.

A month and a half later I quit my job (the one I had been talking about leaving for several years) and started running my business full-time. A year after that I sold everything and moved to San Francisco to continue to pursue my dreams. I wrote more about what I learned here

It is my belief that those thirty days of unfiltered, expectation-free writing allowed me to see things I never saw before. Once I gained clarity, I could work towards what I wanted in faith instead of fear. I wasn’t pushing to get out of Dallas, I wasn’t afraid I would never leave, instead I was working on creating a business that would allow me to live the life I had always wanted. I was going to trust the process. 

I sit here writing all of this from my desk in San Francisco today. The past two years have challenged me in ways I could have never imagined. I've also never felt more alive in my life. 

My thirty day project was the catalyst, or really the accelerator for taking my big leap into the unknown. I started to believe I could do it, and then I did it. You will be amazed at what 21 days (I narrowed it down a bit to keep it approachable) can do. What have you got to lose?