4 Ways to Wear My Favorite Striped J.Crew Tee: Styling Tutorial #30

I kept it simple with this styling tutorial and went with a wardrobe staple, the striped long sleeve tee, this one courtesy of J.Crew, all so you can see what you have hanging in your own closet that's similar and try a new way to wear it. Watch the vide to get a little inspiration. Read the notes below for details on how to style and tweak each outfit for your body type. Enjoy!


This is more of a wear-to-work look. If you're an Apple body type, lose the vest and go with a v-neck version of the top. If you're an Hourglass body type, the layer of the vest and the slight flare at the hem of the wider leg trouser is going to complement your already balanced proportions. If you have a larger bust, make sure the top is fitted through your natural waist so it doesn't add more volume where you may not want it. The vest, the striped, and the pant shape is going to be a great addition for any Rectangle body type and this is also a good go-to look for Pear body types.

If, as you read the above lines, you're thinking, "I have no clue what body type I am," no worries, I have a guide that will show you how to determine what shapes work best for you right HERE. In my experience, we're all a bit of a hybrid, but body types are a great way to find the direction you can go in.


ways to wear a J.Crew striped tee


Obviously I'm going for a more casual look with this outfit. Instead of a basic denim short, I went with an olive because it's just more interesting. If shorts scare you, go with a skinny leg jean and possibly a heeled sandal or wedge. The rest of the look is pretty basic as easy, summer looks should be. Use your accessories to add a pop of color here and there. In this case, I went with the Vince slide-on flat for color. 


Bringing a little more color into the mix is this polished, retro-ish look that was just ridiculously fun to pull together. You don't have to imitate the exact look if the thought of all of this scares you or seems completely unrealistic. It's about finding something new that you love and making it work for you. If you're a Pear body type, go with a darker, solid color a-line skirt that falls away from your upper legs to balance out proportions. Apples, the detail on the skirt is going to help you balance things out. I'd recommend a top layer of a streamlined blazer here, white would be amazing, to keep the vertical line above the waist as long as possible. If you're short waisted, making sure the top is slightly fitted through the hip and falls a couple of inches below your natural waist (still above your hips) is going to help. Rectangles, you're all set here. Add a layer of a statement necklace around the collar. Oh and if that heel is freaking you out, a. I get it, b. go with a neutral heeled sandal instead that falls below three inches. If you have height, you can consider neutral or coral flat sandals. If you're vertically challenged, keep that heel in the mix.

LINKS: top- net-a-porter.com / skirt- modaoperandi.com / bag- nordstrom.com  / pumps- barneys.com / sunglasses-  net-a-porter.com


Finally, a casual weekend look. This outfit isn't rocket science, but should illustrate how the right accessories can update a look or easily make you come across as knowledgable in the personal style department. That's really all it takes. The color comes into this look courtesy of that woven bracelet and peach-sorbet colored Vans. You could always wear a heel here (and I would, but I try to keep it real because I'm fully aware that not everyone has my similar penchant for a little added height) and still keep it casual. The looser top and baggier boyfriend jeans means this outfit isn't mean for many Pear or Apple body types. Hourglasses, if you have the curves, and if you do I recommend not hiding them under too much volume, opt for a heel. Rectangles with some height, you can pull this off. For those with more of a petite frame, go with a skinny leg on the jean.