The Most Universally Flattering Denim Outfit, Ever: Shop the Look

Yep, I said, "ever" people. Now, I get that people have become attached to skinny jeans, but if you want the truth (which I will always give you), skinny jeans are really not that flattering to most women's proportions. You can tweak a look here and there with the right heel, the right wash, and more, but overall, if you're looking for a no-brainer, uber-flattering denim silhouette, the flare (slight flare in this case; everything in moderation) is the way to go. It works for Apples, Hourglasses, Rectangles, and yes, even Pear body types. 

Today's look takes a classic, dark wash, flare leg jean and pairs it with another universally flattering shape (mostly, not always), the wrap sweater top. This outfit isn't rocket science, but hopefully you can see how to take some basics, apply a few accessories, and update your own go-to looks. If you have anything like this in your closet and haven't given this combo a try, go for it. Or, scroll and shop similar items below so you can re-create the look for yourself. 

How to wear flare leg jeans. So flattering!

How to wear flare leg jeans. So flattering!

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*This was an outfit I created for a client a year ago so pieces have sold out, but, that doesn't mean I couldn't find great options for you to shop now! Check them out: