What to Wear to Work: Styling Tutorial #26, 4 More Looks to Try This Week

This week I went overboard in terms of what to wear to work. Check out the styling tutorial that I guarantee is going to have you wondering where the hell I've worked in the past thanks to the bold looks in saturated hues...

The fashion industry (my home for the past eh' hem decade +) caters to color, trends, prints, etc. So wearing colors and trend-forward silhouettes to work isn't such a crazy idea. And yes, I'm fully cognizant of the fact that this does not necessarily apply to the rest of the working world.

Still, I'm a firm believer in stepping outside of your comfort zone, even if it's done in a small way. What you wear can be a baby step into going bigger in life. It also opens your eyes to new ways of doing things that you would have otherwise not seen as possible. 

You don't have to do a style-by-number with these looks. It's less about imitation and more about inspiration.

Try something new, and make it your own. 

Let's do this:

see the styling notes below:


LOOK 1: If you're looking at this outfit and thinking, "Brittany, you're IN-sane if you think this is somehow, by some stretch of the imagination work-appropriate for people working in the 'real-world,' then ok fine, it is a little overboard BUT this is about taking inspiration from the looks and leveraging what you own to create an outfit that works for you and your lifestyle, beige cubicle or not. So, go with a classic black pump and blazer instead. Or just move on to Look #2...



LOOK 2: Love how a bright blue pant changes the entire situation here. Wide leg pants are very much a 'thing' right now so say ciao to the skinnies if you like. Nothing like pants you can move around in, oh the drama. Anyway, if you're a pear, flip the script by making the blazer a color and the pant a dark solid or black. Everyone else, go with it. You could also swap the pant for a skinny jean and make this a pulled-together, 'yea-I-know-what-I'm-doing-with-my-llife-ish' kind of look for day or evening. Simple, yet effective.


LOOK 3: Whoa, let there be color. This is very J.Crew taken to the next level. On paper it looks pretty cool, but it's meant to stump you a bit. No need to wear all of the color here, go with an injection of something bold in the top and skirt, just the skirt, or just the pump. You get the picture.

Or, if you feel comfortable being color therapy personified for the day, have at it and ring in spring like a champ. Show 'em all ends of the spectrum. Why not?


LOOK 4: So classic and simple. So often we get swept up in the options when in fact, less can be more. I'm a broken record with that, I know, but hello, it's SO true. Grammar be damned. Anyway, this is a simple long sleeve dress look that you can make a bit less clingy and possibly more work appropriate (yes, I got a bit carried away this week but hey, if you never try you never know), go with a fitted top and flare or a-line or hey, pleated bottom half of the dress. No need to have jersey grabbing on to every inch of your body if that's not your thing. Or throw a crisp white blazer on top and opt for a colorful lace-up sandal. Options people, options!


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