Proof You Can Make Sweatpants Look Polished: The Latest Styling Tutorial is Here!

Almost all of the closets I've been in (sounds weird but I have seen hundreds of clients through wardrobe overhauls so just go with it) have a printed sleeveless top in them. Check out the latest Styling Tutorial that shows you how to take whatever variation you have on this Spring wardrobe essential and wear it in four distinctly different ways for all occasions on your social calendar. Watch the video and then get my styling notes below so you can see alternatives for your lifestyle and body type...


LOOK 1: Pastels are huge for Spring. Nothing new I know. If you want to create a polished daytime look, fold a robin's egg blue pant into your fashion mix. You could easily substitute with a skinny jean or flare leg jean in the same hue, or go with a darker wash if you're looking to bring less attention to your thigh area. The neutral mule/heel is a great way to add height with a skinny leg so you don't stunt the vertical lines on the outfit, and the bucket bag, also a massive trend at the moment, and one we can all easily work with thankfully, touches on a warmer pastel hue to even out the color palette. Wear this to lunch, out and about on weekends with a neutral flat sandal to get around quicker, or throw a blazer over your shoulders and wear it to the office. If you want to make it even more appropriate for work, substitute a classic black pump for the sandal.  


LOOK 2: The burnt-copper or rust color on the high volume skirt got me immediately when I saw it. The pleats will create a sense of movement while you walk through your day, and the overall silhouette on the skirt takes a cue from the bohemian trend that's happening at the moment, without going to far into 'flower-power' mode. This is also a look that could go right into Fall with the addition of a caramel brown, knee high heeled boot and fitted military jacket. Take this look into the weekend by switching out the high heel with a flatter sandal or low wedge (if you're petite, you will want a heel to add height with the proportions on that skirt) and layer a washed denim jacket over your shoulders (or a vest even). Layered bracelets would also be amazing here, or even a statement making ring if you have it in your jewelry box.

LOOK 3: Here's how you take a pair of jogger pants, track pants, basically sweatpants, and make them look pulled together. It's possible and it involves a few key accessories, plus that added layer of a sleeveless vest. You could go with a flat tennis shoe/kick/whatever you want to call it IF you have the height for it. Hourglasses and the rest of the body types out there will all benefit from a little heel whether it's an ankle strap (pictured) or a wedge. If you're keeping it really casual, lose the vest and drop the heel for a pair of your favorite flip flops. Let the elastic on the hem of the pants fall to your ankles or push the fabric up to hit mid-calf. A great chunky knit, summer sweater would also work here as a top layer, just make sure it's not adding too much bulk or swallowing your silhouette whole. You don't need anything too fitted on top, but you don't want to cover up your curves completely. 

 LOOK 4: That skirt though...right? It's amazing. No, it's beyond amazing (in my humble yet loud opinion). This is your edgier look, the one that you wear when you want to own whatever space you're standing in be it a line at the coffee shop or seat in the board room (in which case, for the latter scenario I would recommend a layer of a streamlined black blazer on top). A touch of color on the pump brings the outfit to like, and the sunglasses are a step outside of your everyday plastic frames. This is the kind of look you try when you're interested in taking a step outside of your style comfort zone. You can't really go wrong. All I will tell you is to watch where the hem on the skirt hits. If you're petite, make sure it doesn't fall mid-calf as that will cut off the vertical line a bit. It's nothing a quick trip to the tailor can't fix. 



LOOK 1: top- / pants- / bucket bag- / bracelet- / heels- 

LOOK 2: top- / skirt- / bag- / earrings- / sandal- 

LOOK 3: top- / vest- / jogger pant- / bag- / sandals- 

LOOK 4: top- / skirt- / pumps- / handbag- / sunglasses-