I Bought The Superga Cotu Slip On Sneaker & Then I Returned It. Here's Why....

Let me just begin by saying, I didn't return these slip on sneakers because I didn't love them. I did love them, I do love how they look, on the bed, on a model's foot, on-line. That just didn't translate to my foot unfortunately. Hey, it happens. 

Here they are before I boxed them back up.

Scroll to get some insight on how to order these if you think you want to give 'em a try:

I've been working (and shopping) in e-commerce for over a decade and I forgot to read the description on Revolve Clothing's site. Yep, I did that. I actually do it all the time. Let it be a lesson to you all. When it says to "size down," take heed. I bought an 8.5 and was swimming in them. I looked like a little kid trying on my Dad's shoes. 

So they're on the site now in a few sizes if you want to check them out. Just make sure you size down. 


I think living in San Francisco has started to rub off. I'm normally the girl who wears heels, like, always, but something about a flat casual sneaker that wasn't something I would work out in, rather make my way up and down these ridiculously steep hills in, became very appealing. I bought, I tried, and even though they were waaaaaay oversized, and even though aesthetically they looked good to me, when I had them on my feet it didn't "feel" right. It didn't feel like me. 

It happens all the time. I see a look, I love a look, and most importantly I try a look out. When it's on, I instantly know whether or not I'll be comfortable moving throughout my day in it, and when I hesitate or make up an excuse ("it will grow on me I think...") I know I will never wear it. 

So, try. Try it on. Buy it on-line from a spot that has free shipping (and free return shipping) in two sizes so you don't miss out. And in the end, go with your gut. If you feel like you're playing the role of someone you stylistically are not (I'm also for breaking out of comfort zones in life and fashion but not to the detriment of one's confidence) then pass or you will end up with a full closet and magically, nothing to wear. 

Deep thoughts inspired by Superga. 

Try it out without trying to be something you are not and never will be. Do you. But if you never try, you'll never know. Um, thanks Coldplay for that little nugget.

Product shot just because my photography skills are admittedly not the best (I do love a good filter):

Superga Cotu Slip On Sneaker @ www.revolveclothing.com

Superga Cotu Slip On Sneaker @ www.revolveclothing.com