Shop the Pin: How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans & Printed Flats for Fall

One more street-style look that is rising in the ranks on the Pin boards over here is a classic everyday Fall look that incorporates boyfriend jeans, a chunky navy sweater, and a pair of printed flats.

It's easy to think this is ridiculously basic, but that is the reason I'm using it as an #OOTD inspiration post. Basic can be flawless when you play with a few key accessories. In this case, there's a heavy-hitter, the Louis Vuitton tote, which you don't have to have to pull it off mind you, but it doesn't hurt. You can bring in any neutral tote and still pull off the same 'feel' on the outfit. The sunglasses and bracelets pull it all together. 

Leverage, those, accessories...designer and otherwise. 

 source: via

source: via