Shop the Pin: I Found The Perfect Jacket to Workout In

I found this jacket months ago on and of course, I got distracted, forgot about it, and boom, it sold out. So goes life in shopping land. So yes, I found the perfect workout jacket for San Francisco and then I lost it, but not for long...

Instead of complaining about the bummer that is missing out on an item I really (really, really) wanted, I decided to shop around and find something that is similar.

There's always more out there, I just needed to dig a bit to find it. The good news? I already knew what kind of jacket I was looking. That's half the battle.

I needed something with one or all (ideally) of the following:

  • black and heather gray
  • asymmetrical zip
  • collar details whether it's a wrap or cowl neck, etc.
source: pinterest via

source: pinterest via


POP QUIZ: Guess which one I ended up going with?