Shop the Pin: Vans, Cropped Sweater & Leather Ankle Zip Leggings

Oh, you know...just grabbing coffee, looking completely pulled together. It's how we roll, right? Today's outfit inspo features a few basics mixed in with an ankle zip black pant that makes everything look on-point. Check it out:

source: pinterest via

source: pinterest via


  • Drop the Vans. Add a classic pump and wear it to the office.
  • Go with a sweater vest (see below) instead of a cropped knit to cinch in that volume a bit.
  • Go super casual and lose the legging while you add in a boyfriend jean.
  • Or, try a flare leg jean and heels.
  • Last one because this list would go on forever, a leather pencil skirt and strappy sandal would work just as well if you want to take things in a more edgy, feminine direction.