Shop the Pin: How to Make Black Ankle Pants and a Black V-Neck T-Shirt Look Amazing

Today it's all about how Eva Longoria makes a simple black v-neck t-shirt paired back to a black, ankle length pant, look incredibly on-point. I've said it once, I'll say it again:

if you have a strong core closet (all of your essentials are made well and fit well), all you need are a few accessories to upgrade your outfit. Keeping it simple is not only how you get ready in the morning without stressing out but also how you avoid the dreaded, 'full closet and nothing to wear' scenario. Bring it back to basics...

Shop the latest Pinterest inspiration below:

source: pinterest via (Bauer Griffin)

source: pinterest via (Bauer Griffin)


FYI- I gave you a few t-shirt options below from vendors/designers I wear myself. These lists are never random. They're curated based on what I've learned in the industry over the past decade (time flies). T-shirts, great t-shirts, can be tough to find. This should help you narrow things down a bit.