We Made the Front Page!!

Full disclosure: I have a perma-smile. Why? Someone's Ultimate Closet Guide received a front-page mention on one of my ALL TIME favorite sites out there, CorporateFashionista.com

I said, "bu-bye" to my corporate job at Neiman Marcus a couple of years ago to pursue my dream of starting my own styling business, so sure, my 'wear to work' wardrobe has changed significantly, but it still exists. And I know, whenever I need a little inspiration, CP.com is where I can go to get it.

So, to have my 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide featured on the front page, well, I'm flipping out to be in such great company! 

Check it out:

source: www.corporatefashionista.com

source: www.corporatefashionista.com


Get your 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide. An e-toolkit created by stylist, Brittany Witkin, founder of The Style Shaker. After helping over 200 women overhaul their closets, she’s sharing a play-by-play of exactly what she does and how she does it with her closet toolkit. β€œI wrote the guide to enable any woman, anywhere, to get the closet/wardrobe she has always wanted, AND have fun while doing it. It’s like having me in their closet at a fraction of the cost.” says Brittany.

Good stuff.