This Week's Outfit Planner: Sunday, August 10th

If you've been around, you've heard me mention my 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide a few, oh, hundred times. Week 4 of the guide is really where everything comes together: your overhauled closet, your Outfit Blueprints, and your 80/20 Shopping List. It's scheduling time now, and instead of telling you, I thought I'd show you how I use the Ultimate Closet Guide on my own wardrobe. Let's start with Sunday, makes sense right?

Check out my week in action. The 'Outfit Planner' from Week 4 of the e-guide is what I'm using here. I'll go day by day, show you what's on my agenda, and how I decide what I'll be wearing. The goal? Knowing exactly what to wear to look my best for what's coming up this week, without having to think about it. Let's do this:


Sunday's pretty easy-going over here. I have a quick  brunch in the morning/afternoon with my family in town and then we'll be walking around the city a bit. I'm on the tail end of my San Francisco hosting 'gig' so comfy shoes during the morning will be important. 

Then, dinner. Easy, casual. Very few spots in SF are super-dressy so I'll keep it relatively toned down with the temps dropping after the sun goes down. Simple. 


All of the inspiration I dig, find, and share with my clients (let alone use on my own wardrobe) is pinned from everywhere on the web to a few key boards mentioned in the e-guide. Get a sneak peek and scroll below: