The Outfit Planner: Wednesday, August 13th

What is uuuuuup Wednesday! Here it is, the Outfit Planner post that gets me right to hump day (cue the Geico camel that I now think of every time Wednesday hits; #effectiveadvertising).

Today is all about meeting and talking 'shop.' I have a few back-to-back meetings lined up all over this city while the sun is up. Pretty excited about two of them, the others sound great, but I'm all swept up in a. reviewing the hard-copy of the digital guide (so, flippin' excited you guys), and b., meeting a fabulous new, fashion-savvy Aussie that just hit the city. The rest is just gravy. A polished/casual day look will be on deck and then for tonight, I'm going low-key with an easy dinner at home. Nothing too fancy, just friends, food, and yes, there will be wine. 


Less can be so much more, seriously (this coming from a former luxury retailer, I know, the irony). The Day Look is a super simple one that allows me to leverage 'Core' pieces (everything in my wardrobe is set up according to the 80/20 Shopping List I've applied in the 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide; see more about that here) already in my closet and pop things up a bit with a lip color or shiny accessory (jewelry to shoes to bag, pick one). For dinner with friends at home, I don't plan on well, planning things too much. It's super casual and easy, but sometimes those are the toughest times to pull something out of my closet that doesn't fall into the same old 20% I always wear. It's usually these 'low-key' outfit times when finding something that's basic yet updated can be tough, especially if time is an issue. You'd think you need to plan out the 'biggie' outfits way ahead right? Well that helps, but even the everyday looks could use a little help, just so you're mixing things up a bit and maintaining that feeling of being excited about what's in your closet. See more about how to get, and sustain, that feeling here

Speaking of getting excited, time to check out the Outfit Blueprint boards with I take all of my fashion inspiration cues from, a little here, a little there, and apply it all to what I already own:

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