The Outfit Planner: Tuesday, August 12th

Feeling trench-oriented today, not sure why, but I'm going to go with it. Welcome to Tuesday's Outfit Planner post where I apply the Week 4 Closet Kit Tool from my 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide to my own life. It's closet-meets-calendar, all so I don't have to think for more than a milli-second about what I'm going to wear, where during my week.

Today I have a few meetings in the morning I need to be able to get around in and still look professional in (in San Francisco terms mind you; It's a different game out here, but I've been on both sides of the coin after over a decade in corporate at the buying offices of luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, just sayin', I get it). I dug around my Outfit Blueprint boards and came up with a few great options that I narrowed down to one day and one evening look. Tonight I have a video styling session which means, I must wear something fun on top (color, color, color) because that's all anyone can see anyway. Finishing the look for the video chat isn't necessary but I notice I sit taller when I have everything put together, yes, even the heels. It's how I roll...


The Outfit Blueprint boards are key in the entire 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide process. This is where you build your updated wardrobe foundation that everything then works off of (Shopping List, etc.). Click below to get access:

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