The Outfit Planner: Thursday, August 14th

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." -John Lennon

If you had told me one year ago that I'd be posting about the Outfit Planner pulled from the pages of my 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide that's about to go all hardcover on me, I would have said, "no, way." If you had told me that this post, written from my studio in San Francisco, would include the actual agenda items 'finish the book,' and, 'host Sip & Style event,' I'd have really thought you were a goner. 

I've always been a dreamer, for better or for worse. And yes, there are so many others out there that have dreams they put on shelves for various reasons. The closet can reflect a lot of that actually, or so I've found after overhauling 200+ wardrobes. If you're wearing the same 20% on heavy rotation, you've lost the excitement, you've lost that 'lovin' feeling,' and maybe the dreams that went along with the picture you had of yourself in that outfit. I understand because I've also been there. After all, the guide began as a catalyst to kickstart and upgrade my own wardrobe.

The Outfit Planner happens to be one of my favorite tools in there. This worksheet pulls me out of my style rut every time without fail. It's the same clothing, it's just a new way to wear it that gets me excited about walking out the door again. Sometimes all it takes is a little direction, some 'baby steps,' to go after the dream. That is what the guide is all about, and Week 4 is the culmination of all of those little baby style steps. This is when closet meets calendar:


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