My Outfit Planner: Monday, August 11th

Monday is my buckle-down day, post-massive influx of family and friends being in town for over a week and me wanting to have fun with them rather than get work done.

But, Monday does have a way of bringing everything back to reality right? At least I'll be ready to grab and go with my Outfit Planner, one of my favorite Closet Kit Tools pulled from the pages of my 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide (um yes, I use it too).

Today it's about being comfortable while I get some serious work done and then, when the sun sets, I'll move into "Mastermind" group mode. It takes a village when you're an entrepreneur (or really, when you're moving towards any life goal) so to have support is key. Luckily, I'm in a city filled with people who can relate. My 'Mastermind' session is a small group of amazing individuals, meeting up and supporting one another with ideas, solutions, and above all, giggle fits over wine. It calls for a casual look, but knowing me, I'll need to add something edgy into the mix. Check out the inspiration below:


FYI: You'll see faded-pink stars over the looks I chose.

Something to note: When I pull inspiration from my Outfit Blueprint boards (see below to follow), I don't use each look literally. That, would be near to impossible. But after overhauling my closet (Week 1), and making sure it's stocked with a solid core wardrobe (80%) and some trend (20%) using my 80/20 Shopping List (Week 3), I can start to use pieces I already own and apply them to the look inspiration. 

It's inspiration after-all. It's brought into the entire process because, after over 200 closets, I can tell you that you have a lot more to work with than you know. Sometimes it just takes getting creative, and sometimes, we don't have the brain power to do that. Hence, the Outfit Blueprint boards. Speaking of, check 'em out below if you want to scroll on...

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