Shop the Street | Look #4 Inspired by Chris Pine in GQ magazine! Obviously...

Chris Pine, so cute, so All-American, so super-prepped out in the below look-spiration pulled from the pages (virtual) of GQ. Have I mentioned how much fun it is to pull menswear looks? Because yea, it is. His fashion, her (my) perspective. I could do this all day, everyday.

But here's the deal: You know you look through a few key publications when it comes to what to wear men, right? Or at least, this is the feedback I receive from clients. Unlike women, the thought of browsing through the latest trends in glossy mags or, god forbid, Zara on a Saturday, you want to get in, get out, and get beyond it, all while looking put-together. Bottom line: I get that you don't want to think about it. I don't either actually. So take that and run with it.

In the mean time, welcome to the latest round of 'Shop the Street' that I'm serving up for you, the men in my life (or reading this blog really). It's time you were catered to, beyond Trunk Club, beyond Banana Republic mannequins. Here's some inspiration and where to shop for it. More on shopping below...

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This look was pulled from the running Look-Inspiration board I have on Pinterest. Check it and other looks in there below:



Another challenge I often hear about shopping on-line from clients is, "sure, I'll do it, but only from places where I already know my size." Ok fine, I get that, but if you want to do it right and without knowing before hand when it comes to fit/sizing (let's be honest, it changes all the time, plus, there's an entire chapter dedicated to this in my 30 Day Ultimate Closet Guide), it's simple. It's all timing. 

What does she mean by 'timing?' I'll tell you.

When I shop on-line, I have a curated list waiting for me so I can click from my hit list of sites that won't charge me shipping either way (I'll give you my list so you don't have to create your own, contact me here and sign up for the mailing list).

I buy, they ship, I make my apartment in San Francisco my fitting room, I pack up what I don't love and schedule (complimentary; told you, I have a hit list of great sites) a courier service to pick up the no-go's and haul them back to the virtual shelves of the store, and boom, I'm done.

It's actually ridiculously simple. I think it's a mind game as in, it feels like a mountain when in fact, it's a mole hill, nay, an ant hill of effort needed. Ok, maybe in-between an ant and a mole. Whatever.

From there, I take the 'keepers' and find at least ten new ways to wear them using what I already own. Versatility is a key deciding factor (read: non-negotiable unless I'm getting married in it or accepting an Oscar in it) on whether I keep a product or return it.

There you have it boys (gentlemen). That's how I do it for myself and my clients.

Like the idea? Like the idea and want to know more about the services I offer? Like the idea and want to learn more about this magical 'list' I speak of? Contact me here and let me know.