Shop the Street | Look #5, Black & White Street Style with a Pop of Color

Have you ever fallen in love with a look on Pinterest only to click through and find yourself on an obscure blog that does't tell you how to shop the items you saw featured? I know, it's such a pain. We get fashion inspiration by firehose through Pinterest, but when it comes to shopping, it's a bit of a crap shoot. Cue, my 'Shop the Street' posts. 

In Week 2 of The 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide, readers are given simple steps to follow that help them create their 'Outfit Blueprints,' or the looks that will be the foundation of their wardrobe, and also closet. I serve up inspiration for these looks, by occasion (read: Daytime/Polished, Evening/Casual, etc) on Pin boards (see below) so my 30-Day Guide readers have somewhere to start. It's not about reinventing the wheel, it's about using what you already have and building from there. Simple. 

I also use these boards for look-inspiration and the other day, I found myself clicking through, into the rabbit hole, and decided if I couldn't find the actually items in the picture, I'd find them on-line elsewhere to recreate the look. That's exactly what I did with today's look, pulled from the 'Day/Polished Outfit Blueprint' Pin board. Check it out:

*SUNGLASSES: Shop here.

SOURCES: ear cuff: | ring stack: | jewelry bracelet: | cuff: | infinity ring: | clutch: | sandals: | pants: | top: | cat-eye sunnies:

Get more look inspiration on the Outfit Blueprint board that all 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide lovers use for Week 3 of the program: