Skorting the Issue, NEW ON THE LIST!

Soooo, do you remember 'Where's Waldo?"

Right, ok good. This isn't that, but it's similar. 

Instead of trying to find the red and white hat atop the head of the lanky, glasses-wearing, world-traveling, slightly-dorky (in an adorable way) Waldo, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

Find the skort amidst the new additions that hit the shopping list today!
HINT: it's pink


Why the skort? Because combining the words skirt + shorts is ridiculous, and yet, when I spotted the pick today on, I found the look to be anything BUT that.

You: "Brittany, what do I get if I find said skort?"
Good question. You either get a hug OR a free 30 minute consultation. Your choice.
Deets: The first person to email me ( with a link to the skort wins. If you're not in the Bay Area, it will be a long distance hug, just FYI.