#FGF, 4

Feel Good Friday #4

It's #FGF time. Check out the line-up, soak up the inspiration, feel good as you head into the weekend.


1. Art I can get into.

2. On a need-to-know basis.

3. Chung give us sweaters + sequins.

4. Wakey wakey.

5. Pop of purple.

6. I may be able to make it work with a smoker, if he looks like this.

7. Classic Liz, absolutely stunning. #incomparable

8. A man and his dog. Awwww.

9. Love it today, love it tomorrow, love it everyday.

10. Guess what time it is? NY FASHION WEEK!!! 10 Crosby Derek Lam.

11. Heart it. Yummmmm

12. Spike it.

13. Emma in wonderland.

14. A simple go-to look that will always have you looking polished (and yes, a little preppy).


Feeling good? Ok, there's just one more thing:


Stop looking at your cell. The emails will be there tomorrow, trust me. Sip, don't gulp. Bring on the belly laughs. Camp out and binge-watch Downton Abbey. Take naps. Get some sun on your face. Take a hike. Take another nap. Do what makes you happy and drop the 'shoulds' for the weekend ok? Ok.