Tear Sheets from the book (styling workbook). Check out an exclusive pick from the Closet Toolkit!


When you get your hands on The 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide, the first thing you'll notice as you flip through is the Closet Toolkit, separated out by week, at the front of the workbook. I put it up front and forward for a reason. I want everyone to know what to look forward to, AND get the point across that this book goes way beyond easy reading material.

It is a full-blown workbook and encompasses everything (yes, everything) I do with my personal styling clients all boiled down into simple, scheduled-out steps.

This sneak peek covers one of my favorite exclusive worksheets and that is, The Closet Overhaul Contract. If you're flying solo with your Ultimate Closet makeover, sometimes it helps to have backup. The contract falls right in line with the thinking that, yes, sometimes it takes a village and I am a HUGE believer in having an accountability buddy to get you through your thirty-day closet adventure.

I ask readers to tear out this page (see below), fill it out, sign it and send it off to the one friend they know they can count on (there's a link to an email template as well included in the guide, just to make life easier). 

It's about setting you up for success but also, it's about having fun with it.

If you can't do that, then what's the point right? Check out today's Tear Sheet exclusive sneak peek inside the book:

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