Happy Thanksgiving: The best way to show gratitude? Give it away & give back!

It's turkey time people which means, I wanted to take a second and wish you and yours an amazing Thanksgiving.

May your holiday be filled with successful Pinterest recipe knock-offs, pre-Black Friday sale shopping (really, it's all happening today anyway), food, wine, and above all, love.

So go ahead, list out what you're thankful for and keep that front of mind (before said 'mind' gets all wine-soaked and fuzzy later; booze compounded by the inevitable onset of tryptophan) throughout the day.

What you put out there comes back so put out the 'good stuff,' the happy stuff, the gratitude, and all those mush-moments, whether you're lucky enough to sit at a feat-filled table surrounded by loved ones or not. The love is still there, you just have to open your eyes a bit.

One of the best ways to show you're thankful, outside of long-winded toasts and beautifully sloppy hugs, is to give back.

$1 from your pocket could mean 20 meals for those who can't afford the feast this holiday. Like I said, what you put out there comes back. The best way I've found to express gratitude is by giving. Giving puts the message out there that you have plenty to give. It may not feel like it at times, but you've got a lot to give, whether it's monetary or just a kind word. 

It's a gift to be able to give. 

If you have a spare $1, you can CLICK HERE (also below) or donate to your local food bank/shelter/organization if you haven't already.

It takes two minutes. Or, if money isn't going to work this year, show up in another way. Tell someone you love them. Take part in your small act of kindness for the day, whatever it may be. 

Me? I'll be donating a few bucks to Feeding America. See how I did it by clicking below if you like:

No goods or services were exchanged for this contribution. 

No goods or services were exchanged for this contribution. 

And on that note: