TEAR SHEETS FROM THE BOOK: The Magic and Wonder that is my Outfit Planner Worksheet...


At the beginning of the guide (and this is why it's really more of a workbook) you'll find my Closet Toolkit, filled with worksheets you can tear out and make your own. Each of these worksheets was developed over the course of the past five years and hundreds of clients. They're 100% exclusive to my brand, you won't find them anywhere (unless they're being copied and that's a no-no), and they work like a charm. 

Not only for my personal styling clients either. I use them as well, actually that is where they started. My all-time favorite worksheet is the Outfit Planner. This is the one worksheet I depend on every week to pull off my very own Ultimate 'grab and go' wardrobe situation.

Translation: I grab my outfit (there's one tailored to my lifestyle, my body type, and every occasion on my calendar), I go about my day without stressing about what to wear. Actually, once the Outfit Planner is prepped for the week, there's very little thought that goes into it. That's the fun part. It's glorious. And no, that's not me exaggerating, it's just that good. 

Full disclosure: In order for the Outfit Planner to be super-effective, a solid foundation to work from is needed (that's why it comes into play after the Week 1 Closet Overhaul), but once you have that, it simplifies life by simplifying getting dressed every day (this is the perfect packing list tool as well).

Check out the worksheet below and get your sneak peek inside the book: