TEAR SHEETS FROM THE BOOK: See where I shop for myself, and my clients, on-line with the hit list


Access to my On-line Shopping Hit List is just another perk of owning the workbook. With the Hit List, the digging is done for you. I update this list annually (and seasonally sometimes depending on new boutiques I fall in love with on-line as they go live) and use it daily to add to personalized Shopping Lists created for my clients.

The list was developed after a talk I gave a year ago at a country club where the top question, following, 'what's my body type?' was, 'where do you shop on-line?'

After a decade in e-commerce and merchandising spent launching websites for Neiman Marcus, I've become a stickler for what I deem a 'good' on-line customer experience. The bar is set high.

I look for amazing, well-priced product assortments (quality has been tested over the years after purchasing from these sites for product reviews and my own wardrobe), inexpensive/free shipping/return policies ( the bulk of the sites on my Hit List made it because the shopping process is seamless), and a few other key factors I've learned over the years. The list is 100% based on my experience and only includes sites I have used for myself and my clients. I wasn't paid by any of these companies. Just want to be super clear about that.

See a sneak peek of the list in the latest Tear Sheet from the book, below: